Ask Coach Rooney Webinars

Ask Coach Rooney Webinars

This section contains 20 different webinar recordings of Coach Rooney answering questions he received from personal trainers, strength coaches, gym owners and fitness enthusiasts from all over the world. Unlike the Ask Coach Rooney section in which Martin answers questions in shorter, direct to video format, these questions Martin goes into much more depth on each topic and shares his knowledge and experience via the webinar presentation format. Here is a list of a few of the webinars you will receive in this section:

Ask Coach Rooney LIVE! Webinar #6
On this webinar, Martin covered questions about strength training for female clients, Kettlebells, progressions of training for dips, best proteins for vegetarians, his favorite finance books and his philosophy of majoring in the minor things.

Ask Coach Rooney LIVE! Webinar #7
On this live webinar, Martin covered the topics of: Stretching after a workout, the necessity of supplements, how TFW can be used for powerlifting or sport, the concept of cool downs, eating for young athletes, and much more.

Ask Coach Rooney LIVE! Webinar #8
On this webinar, Martin covers questions about two-a-day training, recovery from workouts, foam rolling and self myofascial release, protecting your voice during coaching, the proper way to lose fat, getting clients more consistent, ideas for personal productivity and more! You don’t want to miss this hour of power.

Ask Coach Rooney LIVE! Webinar #12
On this webinar, Martin again covers some topics that will take your training to the next level. He addressed concepts like Eating Disorders, training 1 set to failure, his favorite assessment drills, different forms of grip strength training and much more. Join Martin for another hour of power.

Ask Coach Rooney LIVE! Webinar #16
On this HOUR OF POWER, Martin answers your questions and shares his thoughts on Fasting, exercising to complete Fatigue, breaking up workouts, Heart Rate norms, Hormonal Responses during exercise and much more!

The Warrior Hour With Coach Rooney: Episode #3
Here is another HOUR OF POWER with Martin. In the 4 Quarters of the Warrior Podcast, he covers the interesting topic of whether you are a “creative” or “productive” trainer. In addition to this, he covers the concept of using resistance bands and running, hill sprints, and much more!

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