Webinar Trainings

Webinar Trainings

This section contains the recordings of 30 one hour webinars on which Coach Rooney covered topics on Training, Business & TFW Philosophies. Here is a list of a few of the webinars you will receive in this section:

The Secrets Of The World’s Greatest Coaches
This webinar is a replay of Martin’s most requested speech on how to become a better coach and teacher.

Top 10 Training Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Business
On this webinar, Martin covers the commonly made mistakes that can ruin your training and business.

Barefoot Training Philosophy
Barefoot training has recently become popular, but Martin has been experimenting with it for almost two decades. On this webinar, he will cover his philosophy for this style of training and how to do it properly and safely.

The Power Of Public Speaking
Public Speaking is one of the greatest fears of most people. This webinar breaks down Martin’s philosophy on speaking and will help you to take your speaking game to the next level.

Deceleration Training
Before you learn to run or jump, you should learn how to stop and land. Not sure how to do this correctly? Worried about injury during training? Then you need to listen to this hour of power webinar!

Secrets For Running A Successful Fitness Business
On this HOUR OF POWER Martin covers the most important business lessons he has learned over the last 20 years. If you want to know more about Marketing, Financials, Staffing, Branding, Training, Management, Customer Service and much more you need to listen to this.

Sprint Training
Here is Martin covering the very popular topic of speed training for all clients. On this webinar, he covers his favorite Maxims on Speed that he has developed over the last 15 years. If you are looking to get people faster or leaner, you need to listen to this hour of power.

Top 10 Reasons You Are Not Getting Strong
On this TFW DOJO “Hour Of Power,” Martin Rooney covers the top ten reasons you are not as strong as you could be. On this webinar, he discusses the concepts of training partners, choosing the right gym, technical flaws, utilizing proper intensity, and his favorite exercises to get strong.

The 5 Biggest “Metabolic Mistakes” You Can Make
On this TFW DOJO “Hour of Power” Martin shares his thoughts on the current state of metabolic training. He covers 5 common mistakes trainers make and the “golden rules” how to avoid making them in the future.

10 Ways To Ruin Your Fitness Business in 2016
On this business HOUR OF POWER with TFW Founder Martin Rooney, you will learn the 10 biggest mistakes to make in your fitness business. Martin covers areas like marketing, culture, sales, team building and much more. If you are a trainer looking to own a fitness business or a current business owner wanting to improve, this is one call you don’t want to miss.

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