A. The TFW Dojo is for everyone interested in fitness and personal development. With hundreds of hours of content including training & motivation videos from around the world, webinars, interviews and bonus material, you can use the TFW Dojo every day to improve in fitness and life.
A. The TFW Dojo is used by Personal Trainers, Gym Owners, Coaches & Fitness Professionals interested in learning more about Coach Martin Rooney’s ideas and philosophies on training, nutrition & business. But it is also used directly by athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to implement this knowledge directly into their own training.
A. The Ask Coach Rooney Video section & The Training Series videos are two of the most popular sections as they contain hundreds of short videos from 5-10mins long so you can learn on the topics you wish to in bite-size chucks. The Motivational Video Section is similar and shows Coach Rooney in different places all over the world sharing important messages and stories to help you become more. There are enough motivational videos for you to watch one per day for the next 5 months straight!
A. Once you have signed up as a student you will have lifetime access to all of the content in The Dojo including new information added and updates and will never be billed again.
A. You might recognize the work “Dojo” from the martial arts and think combat hall or a place where people fight, but that’s not true. The word “Do” which you have probably seen in Judo, Karate-do or Taekwon-do, means “the path” or “the way” and the word “jo” means to enlightenment. So a DOJO is simply a path or a place of enlightenment and that’s exactly what I wanted to create for fitness minded individuals and athletes that are looking to become more.
A. Yes, you can. Inside the members area of The Dojo there is a form which you can complete to submit questions to Coach Rooney.
A. No, your membership to The Dojo is for Lifetime Access.
A. The Dojo has only 1 membership option, for 1 price, for lifetime access. We do not offer monthly or annual memberships as it will take over a year to consume all of the content currently inside The Dojo, so lifetime membership made the most sense. It will also work out a lot less expensive for students to pay one fee, one time versus paying repeatedly every month or year for on going access.

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