Bonus Section

Bonus Section

The bonus section of The TFW Dojo is packed full of additional content and resources including more than 10 additional interviews with Coach Rooney, all 20 episodes of Martin’s Big Idea Of The Week, All Sunday Smoothie episodes, TFW Approved Resources, bonus video content from the other two core TFW online educational products: Coaching Greatness & TFW Online Certification and includes two full length DVDs.

“Training For Warriors” DVD:
The entire 2-disc original Training For Warriors DVD ($39 value) is now fully uploaded and available inside the Dojo members area! 4 hours of real-time workouts including the conditioning sessions that helped Roger Gracie and Kyra Gracie both win gold at the ADCC World Grappling Championships and the strength and sparring sessions that allowed athletes to win at Pride FC and K-1.

“Ultimate Warrior Workouts” DVD:
If you have read the TFW book “Ultimate Warrior Workouts” you know Martin traveled around the globe to discover the training secrets of the world’s greatest martial artists. But this three year process resulted in so much more than that! This DVD ($16 value) offers insight into what else was discovered on the journey and inspiration to take on your next adventure! Over 1.5 hours of video is now uploaded for you in the TFW Dojo members area!

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