Motivational Videos

Motivational Videos

“I have always heard that motivation is just like taking a shower, once a year is not enough! Everybody needs motivation, even me, and that’s why we created the TFW Dojo Motivation section. In this section you will have access to over 130 videos from me, shot from around the world, sharing information on personal development, training, nutrition and business. All of these are designed to not only keep you more motivated but to also help hold you accountable.” ~ Martin Rooney

These videos are sure to deliver ideas not only to improve your training, but if you are a coach or parent, these messages will enhance your ability to inspire others. Here is a short list of some of the videos you will have access to in this section:

Concept of the Dojo
Here is Martin discussing the concept behind the word Dojo. Many believe it is a place for combat or to beat someone else, but watch the video and you will see that it is the place to conquer yourself.

The Importance Of 164
Here is Martin at the world famous O Course on Coronado Island in California sharing perhaps the most important hours per week you should be concerning yourself to produce results. The ones you aren’t training…

Act As If…
Here is Martin Rooney on location in at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland explaining a very important aspect of the TFW Philosophy. The world is your stage and you get to decide the role you play. Now all you have to do is ACT it out!

The Real Silver Bullet
Here is Martin in Ireland at the Irish Strength Institute discussing the real secret behind delivering great training. If you are able to use this “silver bullet” you will get the results that you seek.

Unlocking Your Personal Success Formula
Here is Martin in Regina, Canada presenting to graduating University students on his personal philosophy on motivation and success. Spend 25 minutes here and it might just change your life!

What Do You Stand For?
Here is Martin at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France giving you another important mental challenge! If you don’t stand for something, you may fall for anything.

Get Them To Believe
Here is Martin on the field in Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC discussing what it takes to get some people to the highest level. If there is one thing you can do for someone, it is to believe in them more than they believe in themselves.

Which M.T.E. Are You?
Here is Martin Rooney asking you a very important question that will someday determine your quality and level of business. Do you do More Than Expected? Or do you just Meet The Expectation?

Magnify Your Vision
Here is Martin in Brussels, Belgium at the world famous Atomium. Here he discusses the ideas of magnifying your vision with the right amount of hours. Do that long and hard enough and the world will be yours!

Do You Have Willpower?
Here is Martin in San Juan, Puerto Rico talking about the difference in the power of Will and Skill. Yes, you may have the skill, but you need the will to see it through!

Are You A Pro?
Here is Martin in the weight room at the San Francisco 49er’s asking an important question about how you view yourself in your career. If you see yourself as and treat yourself like a pro, it could be the best gift you give.

Are You Precise?
Here is Martin at the Academy of Physical Exercise in Ollerup, Denmark. He is sharing the similar concepts on which the school was founded 100 years ago and Training For Warriors. How precise are you?

Building A Global Brand
Here is Martin in Dublin, Ireland at the world famous Guinness Brewery. In this video he discusses the concept and power of building a global and trusted brand. If they could do that with beer, what can you do with fitness?

Your NOT TO DO list
Here is Martin at the world famous Sydney Opera House letting you know there is more to get done than just your “to do” list.

Success Is Under Construction
Here is Martin in Rockford, Illinois at TFW Rockford talking about what it means to build a successful career or company. You have to plan the foundation and make the initial work count!

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